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Madworks N-002 - Arc Gauge L

RM 22.00

Step 1 : Find out which size of the stencil that you want to apply on your current project.
Step2 : Apply the stencil on Madworks Transparent Carving Tape and cut the shape that you need.
Step 3 : Use the pre-cut Madworks Transparent Carving Tape on your current project and start scribing a new panel line easily.
Also, you can use the template to scribing rivet precisely with Madworks Tungsten Steel Line Engraver TS-000

Made from durable Photo-Etch
Use for drawing and sketching of irregular curves.
The smooth curve will help you to make a perfectly round curve
Very Useful template for sketching, drawing tools
Most use on Scratch-Building or Cutting Masking Tape
Providing the most common shapes that to create what you want file is required.
Use the template to scribe the rivet precisely
7pcs per pack
Come in 7 Different size
Size : 5 x 10cm
Thickness : 0.15mm
Great Combination with Madworks Transparent Carving Tape when you do a new panel line on curve surface.